We are provide the end-to-end solutions for various applications and vertical industries including traffic management, government facilities, retail, and banking & finance and so on. Application solutions such as Face Recognition and LPR feature not only cameras, recorders, and VMS, but also open interfaces for convenient 3rd party integration.

Perimeter Protection

Dahua perimeter protection solution is designed to provide a high-efficiency, reliable, cost-effective and visual system powered by artificial intelligence technology. High-definition and AI-enabled security products can offer precise and predictive intrusion alert, and record detailed visual information at the right time.

Face Recognition

Face recognition is mainly used for identification. Due to the popularity of video surveillance, many video surveillance systems urgently need a kind of rapid identification technology under in order to quickly identify people in remote and realize intelligent alarm beforehand.
Dahua Face Recognition solutions offer high accuracy of detection rate and recognition rate with its advanced AI technology ,and can provide such functions as Face Detection, Face Comparison, Intelligent Search, Face Image Search, Face Database Management, Mobile App Linkage, Information Display, Video Full Color ,etc. to improve user experience.

SMB Safety Protection Solution

In order to support the smooth resumption of businesses, work and school classes, Dahua launched its SMB Safety Protection Solution.

Only healthy individuals can enter the facility.

• Monitor body temperature.

• Monitor everyone entering the facility.

Once the number of people in the facility reaches the preset value, immediately notify the staff.

• Avoid people gathering by limiting the number of people inside the facility.

Remind people to keep distance.

• Avoid close and physical contact.


Illegal Parking Solution for fire lane obstruction

There’s a significant increase on the number of cars over the years. Yet, parking spaces remains the same, resulting to a substantial increase in illegal parking cases. Due to lack of policy and safely awareness, some drivers tend to park on passageway for fire trucks and apparatus, which can delay or hinder firefighters’ response during fire emergency.

So Dahua launched SMB Illegal Parking Solution for fire lane obstruction to ensure safety of residents or staff.

Pedestrian Access

Dahua SMB Pedestrian Access Solution adopts advanced AI algorithm and integrates face recognition technology into a well coordinated access control management system, enabling a safe working and learning environment.

Vehicle Entrance & Exit

Dahua SMB Vehicle Entrance & Exit Solution adopts advanced ANPR technology and integrates intercom into a well coordinated vehicle management system, enabling a safe and efficient vehicle entrance and exit.